Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We are back from our trip

we had great time and met some wonderful people. Will post pics and tell you more about it later. I am sick now :p

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mike & I are off on the Harley for a camping weekend

this is only the 3rd time we will leave Nathaniel at home, in 9 yrs!! the other 2 times we were only 3 hrs away, this time we will be about 8 hrs away :p I am VERY nervous...It took 2 mths to organize day and night help for Nathaniel! So we have the bike packed and will be on the road at 8:30am tomorrow. we are heading into B.C, a place called ToadRock Motorcycle campground. ( we are going for a 2 day comedy show, we know 2 of the comics who will be there ) So We will be home sometime Sunday, I know I will have lots of pics to post :)

Ok I will try blogging again..

I kinda miss doing it but I was bad at keeping up..I wont have a fancy blog like the rest of you but that's ok :) So I am back.. ;)